Adjust-A-Gate® Original Double Drive Gate Full-Frame Gate Kits

Manufacturer's Part #: AG36-DD, AG60-DD, AG36-3-DD & AG60-3-DD

The AG 36 & 60 DD series are double gate full-frame kits, These fit gate openings of 72"-119" for the AG36-DD kit & 96”-191” for the AG60-DD kit. Each gate in the kit comes in a frame height of 47" (2 Rail) or 60" (3 Rail).

Build a fence AND get the gate right the first time. Every time.

One of the biggest challenges of building a fence is getting the gate exactly right. Stay on time and on budget with our reliable and versatile gate frame system.

The premier gate frame kit on the market, Adjust-a-Gate® is the easy enough solution for homeowners but with superior quality that professional contractors demand.

What frame height should I look at?
Style AG36-DD & AG60-DD AG36-3-DD & AG60-3-DD
Frame Height
Adjust-A-Gate® AG36-DD 2 Rail Wood Double Gate with frame height of 47 inches
Adjust-A-Gate® AG36-DD AG60-DD 3 Rail Wood Double Gate with frame height of 60 inches

  • All Hardware Included: Vertical frame, spreader bars, frame and post hinges, 2-way gate latch kit, patented truss cable, drop-rod kit (UL301) and screws. Just add wood.
  • Easy Installation: For fixing an existing gate or to build a new one.
  • No Sag Design: Patented anti-sag leveling system.
  • Hinges That Last: Weather and corrosion-resistant kit.
  • A Perfect Fit: Build on-site for a perfect fit every time.
  • Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial uses.
  • Proudly designed by professionals in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

More sizes are available for the perfect fit to see these visit our Adjust-a-Gate® Collection or take our gate finder quiz here.

Instruction Manuals:

Adjust-A-Gate® AG-36DD Instructions

Adjust-A-Gate® AG-60DD Instructions

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Ag36 in garden.
Ag36 in backyard.
Ag36 in backyard.
Lifestyle of Ag36-3.


  • One of the biggest challenges of building a fence is getting the gate exactly right. Adjust-A-Gate® is the solution to all your gate frame frustrations.

    "I can’t believe how easy building a gate is with the Adjust-A-Gate®”

    • Fence or Driveways
    • Deck or Patios
    • Garden or Pools
    • Farm or Ranch

    All parts included - just add wood or composite material

    Unlimited design possibilities - match your fence and style

Person installing Adjust-A-Gate®


You’re fed up with replacing your gate because of sagging and warping over time and you just want a straightforward lifelong solution.

Adjust-A-Gate® is easy enough for homeowners but with superior quality for professional demands. Crafted for longevity and durability, the system ensures a sturdy and reliable gate that stands the test of time.

  • Powder coated resistant frame
  • Durable Pro-grade hinges
  • Patented truss cable
  • Professional Grade Post Hinges

  • Spring Loaded Latch Hardware

  • Cable and Truss Leveling System

  • Fully Compatible with our Drop Rod Kit (UL301)

Adjust-A-Gate™ Wide Steel Frame Gate Building Kit 36”-72” Consumer Series


Just because you’re building your gate yourself, doesn’t mean you should get anything less than the best. Add wood or composite to the system and say goodbye to gates that sag or drop.

Thanks to our innovative design and attention to detail, Adjust-A-Gate® has a patented anti-sag hardware kit that features a truss cable system that prevents your gate from sagging or dropping and offers full adjustment at all times.

  • Anti-sag innovation
  • Fully adjustable
  • Proudly designed in the PNW
Adjusting cable truss on an Adjust-A-Gate® AG36 2 Rail gate kit


The combination of robust construction, quality materials, and a straightforward assembly process establishes this system as a reliable and durable choice.

Even if you have no particular carpentry skills, you too can make short work of building a fence gate. Whatever you need a gate for - your yard, driveway, deck or patio, animal stall or barn, garden or pool, farm or ranch - The Adjust-A-Gate® offers you easy installation without compromising durability, longevity, or aesthetics.

"We were able to build our new gate in a couple of hours with this kit. The new gate is stronger and works better than the old one. I think this one will last forever"

  • Assemble alone or with another person.
  • Common tools required
  • A gate can be built in under one hour!
  • All the gate hardware you need is in the box - just add wood!


Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at or by phone at (800)-955-2879.

What is the warranty policy for Adjust-A-Gate® kits?

The Adjust-A-Gate® kits come with a 1-year warranty against the manufacturer's defects and workmanship.

What is included in the Adjust-A-Gate® kit?

The Adjust-A-Gate® kit typically includes all the necessary components for gate assembly, such as gate frames, adjustable steel frame parts, and hardware for installation. However, all lumber will need to be purchased separately.

How do I prevent my Adjust-A-Gate® from sagging?

To prevent your gate from sagging, adjust the truss system by tightening the truss adjuster. This adjustment ensures your gate remains aligned and level, maintaining proper functionality and alignment with the gate latch.

How do I install this Adjust-A-Gate® kit?

Begin by accurately measuring the installation area to ensure a precise fit. Detailed installation instructions are included with your Adjust-A-Gate® gate kit, guiding you through each step of the process for a successful setup.

Does this gate come with hinges and a latch?

Our Adjust-A-Gate® gate kits include all the essential hardware required for installation, except for post hinges. Due to the variation in post diameters, post hinges need to be purchased separately to ensure a perfect fit with your specific posts.

What is the purpose of the holes on the spreader bar?

The holes you see on the spreader bar are integral to its manufacturing process, specifically used during the powder coating phase for hanging. While these holes do not serve a direct function for the customer, they're essential for ensuring the high-quality finish of the product.