Lifetime Steel Post® Powder Coated Steel Fence Post

Manufacturer's Part #: LTP 70120-220, LTP 80120-220 & LTP 90120-220

Color: Black

Looking for an easy way to build a fence that lasts?

With our durable, sturdy fence steel posts this easy to fit, you’ll never use a wooden post again. Save time, effort and frustration with less digging and a quicker installation for building your fence.

 “Easy to install, easy to level, easy to line up.”

Don’t waste your time or energy installing posts that will rot or decay over time. Try the Lifetime Steel Post® for the ‘one time and done’ answer to your projects with a smaller post hole and simple hardware to make your fence attachment strong and secure.

  • Easy to InstallPosts can be installed with a pneumatic driver or smaller dug post holes. 
  • Lasts Longer: With a powder coated; all steel construction and weather-resistant finish that won’t warp, twist, or rot.
  • Engineered for Durability: Expertly designed to distribute the fence weight to prevent sagging and failure.
  • Elevate Your Style: Versatile enough to match your fence design and style, choose to leave the post visible or not.
  • Kit Compatible: Fits with most steel gate framing kits, so your fence build gets even more stress-free.
  • Proudly Designed by professionals in the Pacific Northwest, USA


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Lifetime Steel Post® installation
Lifetime Steel Post® fence installation.
Lifetime Steel Post® fence installation.
Lifetime Steel Post® installation with fence rails


  • Eventually, every wood post—treated or not— will disintegrate from moisture, dry rot, or bug infestation, snap, and require replacement.

    The Lifetime Steel Post® is expertly engineered to stay sturdy, strong and straight, resisting twisting, warping, rotting or cracking. Meaning your security lasts longer.

    “This is an excellent, strong, well-designed post. I suspect it will outlast me."

    • Durable design for excellent vertical strength without additional bracketing
    • Flexible mounting for in-concrete post-hole use
    • Exceptional strength with long-lasting performance and power tool compatible


Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at or by phone at (800)-955-2879.

What sizes and colors do the Lifetime Steel Post® come in?

Lifetime Steel Posts® are available in Black with Double Powdercoat Finish and Galvanized with Clear Powdercoat Finish.

What maintenance is required for Lifetime Steel Posts®?

Out posts require minimal maintenance compared to traditional wood or concrete fence posts. The durability of the steel construction and the protective powdercoat finishes significantly reduce the need for upkeep. To maintain their appearance and functionality, occasional cleaning to remove dirt or debris may be beneficial. Unlike wood, there is no need for painting, staining, or treating to prevent rot, decay, or pest damage. The steel posts are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring a long-lasting, low-maintenance fencing solution​​​​.

Are Lifetime Steel Posts® weather-resistant?

Our posts are highly resistant to weather conditions. Their steel construction and protective powdercoat finishes offer superior resistance against wind, rain, and extreme temperatures.

What is recommended gate post configuration if using Lifetime Steel Posts®?

For optimal support and durability of any gate, we recommend configuring Posts back to back. Secure them together using a 3/16" by 1/2" bolt, choosing either galvanized or stainless steel for long-lasting strength and resistance to corrosion. This setup ensures your gate has the robust foundation it needs for reliable operation.

How do I determine the correct height Lifetime Steel Posts® to use?

To ensure optimal stability for your posts, it's advisable to excavate the post hole to a diameter that is three times the width of the post itself. For instance, a 4-inch wide post should be placed in a hole approximately 12 inches in diameter. The depth of the hole should correspond to one-third to one-half of the post's above-ground height. For example, a post supporting a 6-foot-tall fence should be set in a hole with a minimum depth of 2 feet. For setting the post, utilize gravel to establish the correct depth before proceeding to fill the remainder of the hole with concrete for a secure installation.

Can I install Lifetime Steel Posts® myself, or do I need a professional contractor?

Installation of Lifetime Steel Posts® is DIY-friendly. However, if the terrain is challenging, the project is complex, or safety is a concern, a professional contractor may be wise - and you can take a seat and relax!