Perimeter Patrol® Heavy Duty Portable Security Fence Panels - Single Panels

Manufacturer's Part #: RF 10005 (Black), RF 10006 (Yellow)

Color: Yellow

All you need for your temporary site fencing.

Temporary fencing offers the benefits of affordability and flexibility compared to permanent fencing, without compromising durability and stability.

Save time and money and avoid crowd mix-ups, unsecured sites, and unsafe access with premium-grade construction and expertly designed safety bases. 

The Perimeter Patrol® Heavy Duty Portable Security Multi-Panel Fence Kits are 7.5 ‘wide, with dual-pane panels, for even wider coverage to meet your temporary site fencing needs.

  • No Tools Needed: The pre-assembled panels simply clamp together.
  • Portable: Lightweight but strong and durable, panels offer maximum flexibility.
  • Durable: High-grade, 1 1/8” (32mm 1 1/4”) diameter x 19-gauge tubular steel frames and 8-gauge, 2” x 4” wire mesh with a rust-free finish.
  • Kit Includes: 6'H x 7.5'W welded wire panels with clamps (safety yellow base feet included on models with 4, 8, and 12 panels only).
  • Packaged: With a durable reusable pallet for safe forklift un/unloading and efficient storage of panels when not in use.
  • Available in yellow or black.
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Perimeter Patrol® Upper Bracket Installation.
Perimeter Patrol™ Heavy Duty Portable Security Multi-Panel Fence Kits (Yellow)
 Perimeter Patrol® Installation
Perimeter Patrol™ Heavy Duty Portable Security Multi-Panel Fence Kits (Yellow)


  • Over the years, our Perimeter Patrol® Fencing systems work out far more affordable than constantly renting temporary fencing.

    The enhanced portability of this kit and the easy, hassle-free setup process of the fencing panels will also save you and your team time.

    The pre-assembled panels easily connect with simple clamps, eliminating the need for tools onsite and the lightweight construction ensures ease of movement and repositioning, and accessories are available to make the job even easier.


Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at or by phone at (800)-955-2879.

What sizes and colors do the panels come in?

Each Perimeter Patrol® panel is available in dimensions of 6 feet in height and 7.5 feet in width. For additional security measures, a 1-foot tall no-climb extension panel can also be added. Our panels are finished with a durable powder coating in vibrant yellow and sleek black, offering both aesthetic appeal and high visibility.

What is the warranty policy for Perimeter Patrol®?

Perimeter Patrol® products come with a one-year warranty, ensuring your investment is protected against defects in materials and workmanship.

What are the maintenance requirements for Perimeter Patrol®?

Maintaining Perimeter Patrol® fencing is straightforward. We recommend keeping the panels clean of dirt and debris to preserve their appearance and functionality. When the fencing is not in use, storing it indoors will help extend its life by protecting it from the elements.

Can Perimeter Patrol® be customized in terms of size and design?

Perimeter Patrol® panels offer a standard dimension of 6 feet in height and 7.5 feet in width, providing optimal coverage. To tailor the fencing to your specific needs, measure the linear feet of the area you wish to enclose. For enhanced security, a 1-foot tall no-climb extension panel can be added, allowing for customization in both size and design to suit various applications.

How is Perimeter Patrol® installed?

Installation of Perimeter Patrol® is efficient and user-friendly. Panels are secured in place using a robust clamping system along with base plates to ensure they remain upright and stable. For installations on grassy surfaces, our specialized security ground spike can be used to further anchor the panels.

What are the safety features of Perimeter Patrol®?

Safety is a cornerstone of the Perimeter Patrol® design, incorporating clamps and bases to provide a secure and stable platform. Additionally, for installations on grassy terrains, we offer specialized spikes designed to securely anchor the base plates into the ground, enhancing the overall stability of the fencing system.